New Fellowship Created To Address ‘The Root Cause’ Of Health Inequities Issues

A medical doctor at the forefront of driving health equity at the American Medical Association (AMA) says the pandemic has been rough, revealing—and the time is now for transformative leaders.

“Not only are we in the pandemic that is claiming the lives of many worldwide, but it is claiming the lives of Black and brown people, here in this country especially,” said Dr. Aletha Maybank, the chief health equity officer and senior vice president of the American Medical Association.

Maybank and Daniel E. Dawes, the executive director of Satcher Health Leadership Institute at Morehouse School of Medicine (SHLI), were guests on Monday’s edition of “Closer Look with Rose Scott.”

The guests discussed several coronavirus-related topics and a partnership between AMA  and SHLI to create the new Medical Justice in Advocacy Fellowship.

Twelve physicians have been selected to participate in the fellowship that was created to help address the root causes of health inequities.

“There are physicians leaders who recognize the moment, this time that we are in, and how critical it is for them not only to look at the biology of disease but to look at the entire ecosystem, ” explained Dawes.


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